Musculoskeletal Modelling Workshop

Hans Kainz, Willi Koller

Hans Kainz and Willi Koller from the University of Vienna will host a full-day musculoskeletal modelling workshop on the 11th of September 2024. During this work, participants will work on their own research projects to define, address and overcome challenges. The workshop staff (Hans Kainz, Willi Koller, and depending on the submitted projects potentially additional OpenSim experts) will assist the participants in their research endeavors.

Audience and projects

This workshop is intended for basic and advanced users of the musculoskeletal modelling software OpenSim. Participants are encouraged to bring their own data and work on their research project. Project can be at any stage and include numerous challenges, e.g. problems with converting data, model personalization, dynamic simulations, interpretation of simulation results, validation, streamlining simulations, and so on. Importantly, the success of the workshop depends on you bringing well-defined scientific questions, data, and projects that you will work on.
A maximum number of 10 projects will be accepted for the workshop. We highly encourage participants to apply and participate as a group, e.g. 2-3 people working on one research project. The workshop is limited to a maximum of 30 participants.

How to apply

You will need to upload a brief project proposal (1-2 pages) including the following details:

In case you do not have a Google Account to upload a file, please send the project proposal to

Participant Background: Please provide a concise overview of your background and prior experience with OpenSim. Additionally, explain your interest in attending the workshop. If applicable, include this information for all group members.

Research Motivation and Goals: Offer a scientific overview of the larger project you are undertaking. Briefly outline the relevant background for the proposed project, including any preliminary work conducted. Discuss the rationale behind your project and state your hypotheses and/or specific aims.

Workshop Plan: Begin with a brief outline of the overall project design and methods, as well as your specific plans for the workshop. Describe the tasks to be completed prior to the workshop and the available experimental data. Then, detail the specific tasks you intend to accomplish during the workshop, highlighting any anticipated challenges or bottlenecks. Please be as specific as possible.

Contact Details: Kindly provide your contact information. Before the workshop, we may reach out to participants to clarify project details and ensure that the workshop is a productive experience for all involved.

Important dates

16 April
Submit workshop proposal

28 May
Notification of Acceptance

11 September
Workshop held in OsloMet

Costs for the full day workshop

Early registration: 90 EUR per participant

Late registration: 120 EUR per participant